Springfield Senior High School
Class of 1975 - 45th Reunion
Missing Classmates
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William Carter     
Joseph Cocola
Allen Coe     
Greg Farmer
Lorraine Faulkner     
Earl Foster
Jeff Hollinshead     
Shirley Kennedy
Ken King     
Michael King
Carol Kissler     
Cindy Kramer
Karen Logan     
Jon Mander
Mike Marinari     
Susan Marra
Debbie Martin     
Ian Peter McLean
Patty Morrison     
Parker Owen
David Parker     
Bob Pryor
James Ricci     
Christopher Rice
Kathy Ruch     
Rosemary Sebastian
Michael Semanik     
Gordon Shank
Mike Shields     
Kim Shunk
Donna Silimeo     
Ellen Sjostrom
Brian Smith     
Michael Stieber
Robin Tabor     
Tom Troutman
John Weider     
John Whitehead
Bill Wilson     
Carol Zippi
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