Springfield Senior High School
Class of 1975 - 45th Reunion
Friends + Memories = Reunion

I can remember my first days at SHS after spending 8 years at St Francis of Assisi.  Frankly, I was so nervous, I didn't know how to act and knew that if I was to succeed in those early days, I would have to locate and stay close to my friends from the neighborhood and SFA- my safety net.  As time went on, that net did not seem to be as critical to me.  Make no mistake, I hid in my shell for a good 1.5 years before really feeling like I was a part of the SHS community. The memories made, both good and not so good completed an incredible 4 years that I cherished then and still do. I am proud to have kept in touch with so many friends from childhood to the present- it is important to me to do so.  I missed our last reunion due to work- could not get out of it.  I made myself a promise then that I would not miss #40. As we get older, we lose classmates as they pass away, move away to foreign lands, move away locally too! In my view, time is passing much faster than ever and I don't want to miss a chance to see an old friend, shake a hand, share a hug, tell a story.  Remember- the older we get, the better we were!  Hope to see you on October 3rd!

Greg Barber
Stefani and Eisenburg

Greg, I liked your story, we had similiar expierences. I had come from St.Kevin's.

I walked into Steve Stefani's home room class wearing Sunday-best, white starched shirt (minus the tie) sat down, folded my hands and bedlam unfolded around me.

Paper airplanes, spitballs and erasers were flying in all directions. The Rascals "A Beautiful Morning" was playing on his record player in the classroom. Mr. Lee walked by with his bow tie and typical scowl of disapproval.

Later that week Ray Stuccardo picked up Miss (Ms.Silverman?) Eisenberg's entire desk and chair (from the basement classroom) and placed it outside the giant opening windows into the window well. She said, "Ray, I need that desk to teach."

I remember thinking "I'm going to like this place!"

I Look forward to seeing everyone,

Kevin Bradley


Kevin J. Bradley

I went through many years not fitting in. Incredibly tall and skinny, tipping the scales at 100 lbs and 5'8. Born 20 years too early. I confess to many the layers and layers of underclothes I wore. Long underwear under every pair of pants.  Yet I remained friendly to everyone, eventhough I was bullied  in Jr. High. I found my forte in track. With the lack of weight I was able to runwith ease. Paula Petrie, Cindy Laub, SandySteele and I won the mid Atlantic  Jr. Olympics  at age 12., at age 14. I convinced the student teacher in 9th grade to start the track team in my back yard. .. Girl Scouts  and First Presbyterian fellowship were also a way to get out of my shell. Too many people to name, but you know who you are....L,C,C,N,L.

Carol Behrle
Most Involved

I moved to Springfield when Mother, a widow, remarried when I was in 6th grade.  It was a rough transition.  (Understatement.)  Joining activities was helpful, except I couldnot stop and you all voted me, "Most Involved" Senior Celebrity.  Chorus, Choir, Pop Club, Cheerleading, Student Council, and The Music Man are found memories.  I still find myself the woman with too many hobbies.  I love life and am thankful for Springfield High School.  Can't wait to see you all!


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