Springfield Senior High School
Class of 1975 - 45th Reunion
Doris Mewha (Pope)
After graduating from SHS in 1975, I went to Temple University to major in nursing. But I was also in the Temple University Diamond Marching Band. The band played two football games in Japan. In high school I was shy and quiet but I was a believer in the Lord Jesus Christ who died for my sins. After college I considered returning to Japan as a missionary however that did not work out. I later went to Ireland to do missionary work and that is where I met my husband Charles Pope. We were married in 1985. We had a baby in Ireland who died of crib death and then we returned to the US where I went back to DCMH and Charles got a job at the Christian Academy(TCA). While our children Emily and Sandi were at TCA, I was able to teach band there for 5 years. I am involved in the Chichester Community band where I play flute and clarinet. I also am the camp nurse at Camp Iroquoina, a Christian camp in upstate Pennsylvania. We go to Malvern Bible Chapel. I just celebrated my 58th birthday and it is wonderful to know the Lord has been with me all these last 40 years since graduation.
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